[fdo-dev] GetProviderDatastoreType()

Zak James zjames at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Oct 26 22:48:43 EDT 2006


My understanding is that the managed data stores are not mandatory  
and are entirely dependent on the provider. Although webstudio only  
supports sdf and shp providers, they both provide the capability to  
point to an existing data store and this is implemented in webstudio  
as the 'Unmanaged Feature Source' option in the 'File->New' submenu.

Zak James
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On 26 Oct 2006, at 22:17, Jason Birch wrote:

> Managed data stores are annoying anyway :)
> I dislike that the default setup means that I have to upload all of  
> my files (which are available via UNC anyway) instead of just  
> pointing to them.  It goes agains all off my anti-duplication  
> training.  And yes, I've read the whitepaper (and earlier  
> explanations on the MG users list) that tell me how to deal with  
> this manually.
> Hmm. Re-reading your comment Traian.  Does this mean that I can't  
> move the virtual location (folder structure) of the feature source  
> in the repository, or just that I can't move the feature source  
> between servers, or into a package, or?
> Jason
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> From: Traian Stanev [mailto:traian.stanev at autodesk.com]
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> Subject: RE: [fdo-dev] GetProviderDatastoreType()
> Same question applies to the OGR provider.
> In theory one could wait until the connection is open and figure  
> out what the underlying data source is, but I didn't do that (so  
> far). I just made it return Unknown.
> The downside (and I'm relating something that was explained to me  
> when I asked the same question) is that a MapGuide feature source  
> is not portable when you return Unknown -- meaning that if the  
> connection is to a file, the client logic would know to copy the  
> file also when moving a feature source around. With Unknown, it  
> can't know that so copying a feature source would require manual  
> work by the user.
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