[fdo-dev] GetProviderDatastoreType()

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Oct 27 10:44:19 EDT 2006

Orest Halustchak wrote:
> Hi,
> The GetProviderDatastoreType() and GetDependentFileNames() functions are
> meant to be called after the connection is open when the provider would
> know the datastore type and know what the files are. At that time, the
> provider would know wheter the connection was to a file, to a web
> server, or something else.


Understood, though because the GDAL API does not provide such information
there is no way for the fdoogr or fdogdal providers to answer these questions.
The GDAL and OGR drivers (which presumably do know this) have no way of
reporting it up.   I can see some possible utility to adding this in the

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