[fdo-dev] GetProviderDatastoreType()

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Fri Oct 27 12:23:16 EDT 2006

>From a GDAL Provider perspective...

If a connection is made using the
"DefaultRasterFileLocation='C:\SomeLocation"' then the expectation is
that all the files in that directory are dependant files. 

If a connection is made using a GDAL configuration file, then all files
pointed to in the configuration file, either explicitly by name or by
parent directory, are dependant files.

See the attached email on how we implemented this behavior in the ATIL
based raster provider. You may be able to tailor the code to suit your

NOTE: I do see a defect in the code I am attaching which I believe we
will need to resolve. The attached code does not indicate that
associated geo-reference files such as world files are dependant files.


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Orest Halustchak wrote:
> Hi,
> The GetProviderDatastoreType() and GetDependentFileNames() functions
> meant to be called after the connection is open when the provider
> know the datastore type and know what the files are. At that time, the
> provider would know wheter the connection was to a file, to a web
> server, or something else.


Understood, though because the GDAL API does not provide such
there is no way for the fdoogr or fdogdal providers to answer these
The GDAL and OGR drivers (which presumably do know this) have no way of
reporting it up.   I can see some possible utility to adding this in the

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