[fdo-dev] FDO172 & Warning of "build breaker" changes

Robert Fortin robert.fortin at autodesk.com
Tue Sep 26 10:59:58 EDT 2006


Sorry for the disturbance! We fix the GDAL provider in order to account
for the new API change so it can build and would not break our internal
build process.  As Greg said, it should build although the new
functionality (as you noticed, capability changes) don't have the
correct implementation.

I have attached a document that indicate the implementation for the
different providers.  Hope it helps get you started.
If you have any question, let us know.


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I updated my FDO from SVN for the first time in 3-4 weeks last night,
and I discovered that my fdogdal provider no longers builds.  It seems
that various new required methods were added on some of the capabilities
interfaces as part of issue FDO172.

I wonder if the FDO core team would be willing to provide some warning
on this list when changes are made to the fdo core that will require
changes in all the providers.  At some point, I think we will even need
to discuss such changes before they are made, but for now I would be
pleased just to have some warning as things come down the pike.

PS. I'm Mateusz and I (well mostly Mateusz) are working on setting up
"buildbot" automatic builds and unit testing on a public OSGeo server.
Hopefully this will provide a baseline for folks to see what unit tests
are passing and so forth.  We will provide more info once we have it

Best regards,
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