[fdo-dev] FDO172 & Warning of "build breaker" changes

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Sep 26 11:18:34 EDT 2006

Greg Boone wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> I just did a checkout from fdocore.osgeo.org and fdogdal.osgeo.org and
> everything build successfully.
> Did you run the checkoutsvn.bat script to synchronize all fdo osgeo
> folders?


I'm an idiot.  I failed to do an svn update in fdogdal.  It looks like
the FDO172 updates were already applied.  I guess it never occured to me
others were working on the fdogdal provider.

PS. I must admit to being afraid of the checkoutsvn.sh script.  I'm not sure
what it's supposed to do, and what side effects there might be.

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