A Reqest to Modify the FDO API Managed Namespace

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Wed Sep 27 12:39:05 EDT 2006

Hi All,


A request has been made by Autodesk to update the namespace of the OSGeo
FDO Managed API that currently resides in the fdo.osgeo.org Subversion.
The current FDO Managed API uses namespaces that are prefixed with OSGeo
followed by the name of FDO API package, such as Common, Spatial,
Geometry. For example, the name of the FDO Geometry namespace is


With this naming convention, these APIs are not clearly identified as
being FDO specific APIs. It appears as if the APIs have been designed
for usage independent of the rest of the FDO API architecture within the
OSGeo group of APIs. This is not the case. These APIs are FDO specific
and thus should be identified so in their namespace declarations. With
this request, it is proposed that the namespaces of the API components
be modified to include FDO.


The namespaces for the FDO Managed APIs currently refer to OSGeo.Xxx.
These namespaces will be modified to reference OSGeo.FDO.Xxx as follows:


Current Namespace

Newly Proposed API Namespace












This namespace change would bring the namespace in line with the current
managed Assembly names






If this request is implemented, all applications using the OSGeo FDO
Managed API will have to modify their applications to reflect the new
FDO namespace usage.


I would like to have your feedback regarding this change, your views on
the matter and the potential impact to your development and
implementation efforts.


Thanks in advance,


Greg Boone

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