[fdo-internals] Defects in PostGIS provider

Chuck Wilbur chuckwilbur at spatialnet.net
Thu Aug 23 11:14:56 EDT 2007

I've just logged ticket #104 for the insert behavior of the PostGIS
provider. Trac automatically assigned it to Mateusz, though I think he's
said he won't be able to do any work on the provider for a while. I'm
planning to take a crack at it, but this will be my first real plunge into
the PostGIS API, so I don't know how successful I'll be. If I come up with a
fix I'll post it as a patch to the ticket. Should I assign the ticket to


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> Hi Chuck,
> Thanks for the email, that's great, and I am definitely committed to
> getting the PostGIS provider as production-ready as possible so your
> contributions are very welcome.
> Typically we would vote to open up commit access to the SVN after a
> history of code contributions, and taking a vote on the mailing list.  I
> think we'd also need a signed contributor's agreement.
> Would you be willing to submit the first few changes as .patch files
> against Trac?
> http://trac.osgeo.org/fdo/
> If so, create new tickets for each bug, and then attach a patch file
> against that fixes the problem, and send a note to the -internals list.
> Then one of the committers (maybe Haris or Mateusz) will review and
> apply against trunk.
> Jason
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> Subject: [fdo-internals] Defects in PostGIS provider
> Hi Everybody,
> How do I go about submitting defect reports against the PostGIS provider
> in trunk\Providers\PostGIS? I've downloaded and built the code to track
> down some problems I was having, and I've uncovered what look like three
> issues with the provider itself that are blocking me from proceeding
> with
> development:
> 1) InsertCommand::Execute can only insert NULL geometry values
> successfully.
> This is the worst of the three defects, because there's no way to work
> around it. Internally the code is building a non-parameterized statement
> string and the WKB format fields are being interpreted by PostGIS as
> long integers, which causes insertion to fail.
> 2) ApplySchemaCommand::Execute always issues CREATE TABLE statement(s) -
> it cannot be used to delete a feature class.
> 3) Some internal checks are case-sensitive after Postgres has changed
> the case to all lower, so (for example) a newly-created schema with a
> multi-case name cannot be accessed or used with the name it was created
> under.
> P.S. I would be interested in helping to fix these if I knew my efforts
> could be integrated into the code stream. What process is in place for
> getting write access to the Subversion vault?
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