[fdo-internals] PostgreSQL out of Thirdparty

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I can't remember what the rationale was either, but I remember arguing
for it...

I'm pretty sure that the Windows distribution will require a specific
version of the Postgres DLLs, and I've seen a huge number of original
testers running into conflicts with pq's dependancies; it's probably
better for us to just distribute these.

For ubuntu... is there any way to download just the developer libraries
without installing Postgres?  I thought that the -dev package had a
dependancy on the main package... ?

I know that the way that the FDO and MapGuide projects work
(distributing the majority of the prerequisites) is a bit idiosyncratic
for open source projects.  If we're going to look at this for Postgres,
perhaps we should be considering whether we should keep any third party
utilities in the tree that do not have local patches...  This would
allow for better use of locally installed tools, but would also make
per-developer setup and tracking down problems generated in an
uncontrolled environment a lot harder.


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Hi Folks,

Perhaps I've forgot what was the rationale to keep PostgreSQL files in
Thirdparty, so I'm sorry if I did but I'd like to take up this subject
for a while.

In my opinion, private copy of PostgreSQL files is confusing and makes
more troubles than it helps.
I would propose to build PostGIS provider following the same strategy as
for MySQL (FDOMYSQL), using external/user's installation of PostgreSQL

Building PostGIS provider works but runtime still requires PostgreSQL
binaries (libpq.dll), so users need to grab libpq.dll (and all its
dependencies) from somewhere.

IMHO, the simplest solution is:

1. User installs PostgreSQL binaries + dev files. This requirement does
not require users to install and run PostgreSQL DBMS services.
User just needs to know what is minimal version required, ie. PostgreSQL

2. User points PostgreSQL files with FDOPOSTGRESQL

3. If FDOPOSTGRESQL is set && PostGIS provider is explicitly requested,
we build the provider.

Looking forward your comments.

Mateusz Loskot
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