[fdo-internals] Development of FDO provider for OGC SOS

Orest Halustchak orest.halustchak at autodesk.com
Thu Dec 13 11:46:45 EST 2007

Hi Pierre-Nicolas,

I'm not aware of anyone working on such a provider right now.

>From my understanding of SOS, it can return location and sensor attribute information for objects in a given geographical region. FDO expects to return data in the form of feature classes or other classes (objects with list of property values) and it seems that the SOS results could be returned in this form. You would have to parse the XML document returned by SOS and generate objects that can be returned via the FDO feature reader.

I think the FDO WFS provider would be a good example and could contain code that you could reuse/refactor if you are planning only a read-only provider at this time. The web-services interaction part and the xml handling would be good places to look. For an updatable provider, it could be more complicated as I'm guessing that SOS commands may not fit cleanly into existing FDO commands (I would need to look into this some more). However, based on the use cases that you describe below, it sounds like you would just need a read-only provider.

If you're willing to implement such a provider yourself, that would be excellent.

If while looking at the WFS provider you have questions or want to discuss ideas, feel free to post them to fdo-internals. Also, fdo-users may be a good place to find other users that may be interested in such a provider.


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> Good Morning,
> I'm currently studying FDO technology to access some information from an
> OGC service called Sensor Observation Service (SOS).  The Sensor
> Observation Service provides infomation about some sensors and their
> measurements in a standard way defined by OGC
> (http://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/groups/sensorweb). The response
> from the SOS is an XML document.
> The idea would be to display the sensor on a map, according the position
> provided by the SOS, and according the value of its measurements change
> the display of the sensor marker (color or symbol). Another point is that
> a SOS stores data from several measurements; how historical measurements
> can be made accessible via FDO ?
> I wanted to know if anyone is currently developping such a provider or has
> already thought of doing it. What is the starting point and what can be
> reused from the providers for WMS/WFS which are other OGC services?
> Thank you!
> Pierre-Nicolas
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