[fdo-internals] svn:ignore settings for Linux

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Feb 12 09:36:32 EST 2007


When I do an "svn status" on linux in an Fdo Build tree I get lots of stuff

?      Unmanaged/Src/Message/FDOMessage.msf
?      Unmanaged/Src/Message/Makefile.in
?      Unmanaged/Src/Message/Makefile
?      Unmanaged/Src/Common/Makefile.in
?      Unmanaged/Src/Common/.libs
?      Unmanaged/Src/Common/.deps
?      Unmanaged/Src/Common/Makefile
?      Unmanaged/Src/Fdo/Makefile.in
?      Unmanaged/Src/Fdo/.deps
?      Unmanaged/Src/Fdo/Makefile
?      Unmanaged/Src/Fdo/.libs

Would anyone mind if I added appropriate svn:ignore properties to
ignore these generated items?  If done properly it would make it much easier
to identify real new files added in the repository.

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