[fdo-internals] FOSS4G 2007 Call for Workshops Reminder

Robert Bray rbray at robertbray.net
Tue Feb 27 23:54:22 EST 2007

These are the options from the Workshop Submission Form:

- 3 hour lab (with computers), on Monday September 24th (Workshops day)
- 3 hour class (no computers), on Monday September 24th (Workshops day)
- 1.5 hour lab (with computers), to run during the conference (September 
- 1.5 hour class (no computers), to run during the conference (September 

I have heard that someone has built an FDO command line tool and we are 
looking into that to see how real it is (and if they are willing to open 
source it). If that was available it might be interesting to do  a 90 
minute lab. You could present the commands, talk through the APIs for 
the command, and then people could execute them interactively and see 
the result.

My extra 2 cents...


Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Greg Boone wrote:
>> Hi Frank,
>> Do you think that we should be offering a lecture or a lab at the
>> conference? I am leaning towards offering a 1.5 lecture rather than a
>> lab. I am concerned that we could get bogged down in a lab and loose
>> focus on communicating the message we need. What are your thoughts? Who
>> do think would attend this workshop and what would they expect?
> Greg,
> I didn't realize that 1.5 hour presentations were an option at FOSS4G.
> Were you thinking of using a "lab time slot" but in lecture mode?
> I think writing FDO applications would be fairly tough to do in a lab.
> Things might well get bogged down.  However, if you aren't going to do it
> as a lab, then I think you might just scale back to a normal half-hour
> presentation and try to prepare tutorial material that folks could try at
> home.  The presentation could then be an overview, and going through some
> examples in some detail, while the tutorial material is essentially a
> workshop that folks do at home.  The tutorial presumably living on the fdo
> web site.
> Just my opinion of course.
> Best regards,

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