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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Jan 15 15:54:57 EST 2007

Is there a reason why you are staying with multiple SVN instances,
instead of merging the providers into the core and managing access at
the node level?
I'm pretty sure that Trac instances have to have a 1:1 relationship with
SVN repositories.


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Good suggestion. For the tools maybe we can create an fdotools
subversion instance unless someone out there has a better idea.

In general I like your navigation approach. Where I am getting caught up
is our multiple SVN instance thing. Right now we have fdo, fdocore,
fdosdf, etc. Many of our pages have a provider list on them and each
time we add a provider we have to touch a bunch of different pages. An
alternative approach is to break the site down by provider. That is have
a main page for FDO, which links to sub-pages for the various providers
and all of their relevant information. Then when we add the PostGIS
provider instead of updating a ton of global pages all we have to do is
add the relevant pages for the PostGIS provider. Today we have a mix of
these two models, which feels really weird to me.

BTW - Any idea how Trac integrates with multiple SVN instances? Will we
need separate Trac projects for each provider or can we have a single
Trac project that links to multiple SVN instances?


Mateusz Loskot wrote: 

	Robert Bray wrote:

		I restored the lost Oracle provider page and added the
Oracle provider
		to the table graphic on the home page. For Fdo2Fdo I was
thinking of
		adding a "Tools" link under "Essentials". Does that make
sense to everyone?

	I like this idea.
	By the way, would it be possible to have some room in the FDO
SVN for
	such tools, non-provider codes?
	In example, while I'm working on PostGIS provider, I'm
developing some
	command line tools - in concept, similar to OGR utilities
	After I have PostGIS provider ready, I'd like to continue
development of
	my tools and make them user friendly.
	So, it would be great to host such tools near the FDO code.

		Also I am pondering the general navigation of the site.
I am all ears if
		anyone has recommendations for improving it.

	Yes, I'd have some loose comments. Here is my proposal of
structure of
	main links (these in the left column):
	- About
	-- Features
	-- Providers Overview
	-- Governance
	-- License
	-- History
	-- FDO users
	- Documentation
	-- Requirements
	-- Getting Started
	-- FAQ
	-- Wiki (-> Trac)
	- Community
	-- Mailing lists
	- Development
	-- Road Map
	-- Trac
	-- SVN

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