[fdo-internals] More Site Cleanup

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Jan 15 16:56:01 EST 2007

The revisions are repository-wide.
I believe that the ACLs could be configured based on directory:
and mailing list functionality could probaby be placed into a
post-commit hook script that parses the paths of the committed files and
sends the note to the appropriate -commit list.


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SVN can only provide access control, revisions, mailing list, etc at the
repository level. So to merge them into one repository would mean the
commiter list would need to be the same for all of FDO. I don't really
have an issue with that approach, but that is not the way it is setup


Jason Birch wrote: 

	Is there a reason why you are staying with multiple SVN
instances, instead of merging the providers into the core and managing
access at the node level?
	I'm pretty sure that Trac instances have to have a 1:1
relationship with SVN repositories.

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