[fdo-internals] Code Submission Notification

Thomas Knoell thomas.knoell at autodesk.com
Wed Jan 24 16:33:46 EST 2007



This is to inform you of a code submission to the open-source
repositories. With this code drop, the Schema Manager issues a specific
exception if an attempt is made to add a raster property to a class
definition in a provider not supporting raster properties. The change
affected the following open-source files:


Modified: \marble\Utilities\SchemaMgr\Nls\SmMessage.mc  

Modified: \marble\Utilities\SchemaMgr\Src\Sm\Lp\ClassDefinition.cpp  



The changes were also ported to the trunk. This affected the following


Modified: \marble_trunk\Utilities\SchemaMgr\Nls\SmMessage.mc  








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