[fdo-internals] SVN Repository Merge Issues

Robert Bray rbray at robertbray.net
Fri Jan 26 01:06:18 EST 2007


No responses. So everyone is ok with this, everyone is dumbfounded and 
shocked into silence, or?

Any better ideas for how to deal with this merge? We need to make a 
decision and move forward.

At this point in time, how different is trunk and 3.2.x?


Robert Bray wrote:
> All,
> Shawn has been tinkering with this and has been able to successfully 
> merge trunk. However it looks like we will not be able to merge the 
> branches. You can see a preview of the merged repository here: 
> http://test.osgeo.net/trac/fdo-merged/browser/.
> Merging in SVN alters the revision numbers, which is why the branch 
> merges do not work. Here is the summary from Shawn: "I've searched and 
> spoken with a few people on subversion merges and consensus is, 
> branches and tags are broken on projects that are being merged into 
> another project, due to the fact that the tag/branch repository 
> specific and don't translate to a new repository structure."
> So it looks like we may need to have an OLD COLLECTION OF REPOSITORIES 
> (3.2.x) and a NEW REPOSITORY (3.3.x and beyond). This is not ideal but 
> I do not know what else to do at this point.
> Thoughts and ideas welcome?
> Bob
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