[fdo-internals] RFC Reminder

Thomas Knoell thomas.knoell at autodesk.com
Fri Jul 27 12:37:50 EDT 2007

Hi Jason


I defined the function types based on what those functions were referred
to. In a FDO context, this may not have been the correct classification.
I have no problem with re-wording this and classify the area and length
functions as math (or any other suggestion the discussion results in)
rather than intrinsic functions. I don't think aggregate will work as
those are functions that operate on a single object rather than a set of


FDO can give a provider information about the supported functions via
the FDO interface 

FdoIExpressionCapabilities::GetWellKnownFunctions().  So, theoretically,
a provider can check what is already supported and depending on the
outcome add additional, provider specific functions. However, I am not
sure if you want to call this a function registry.






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I'm wondering if it might make sense to put spatial functions into their
own category, rather than lumping them into intrinsic.  Actually I'm not
entirely sure what an intrinsic function means in this context, maybe
it's the same as spatial :)  Hmm.  I guess this doesn't make all that
much sense either though, as there are spatial aggregate functions and
spatial conversion functions.


This isn't related to the RFC, but is there some kind of function
registry in FDO?  I'm wondering what the potential is for providers to
expose provider-specific functions that do the same thing but are named





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Hi everyone


As indicated in an e-mail dated July 17th, FDO RFC 5
(http://trac.osgeo.org/fdo/wiki/FDORfc5) had been posted and is ready
for review. Please complete the review of the RFC and comment on it by
end-of-day Tuesday, July 31st. If no changes are required, it is my
intent to motion that a vote for the acceptance of RFC5 be made and
subsequently voted on by the PSC. 






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