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[GB] Feedback inline...

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Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Per the Mentor Guidelines at:
>   http://www.osgeo.org/incubator/process/mentor.html
> I'd like the mentors to report to the committee on the incubation
> status of the various projects.  The reports will presumably point to
> official status wiki pages for some of the content, so I think the
> should summarize progress and roadblocks.

FDO has just entered incubation after MapGuide graduated a week or so
ago. Some of the incubation work has been done at the same time as
MapGuide, so the project has a good head start, but there is still work
to do. Here is a status update:

1- Incubation Status:

FDO Incubation Status page not created yet (or I could not find it
anyway). When it's created a link should be added in

[GB] Done. Refer to

2- Source code Provenance review:

The work done so far is at
http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/FDO_Provenance_Review but I have not
reviewed it yet.

[GB] This link probably needs to be updated. We have added additional
files since this document was written

3- Project Steering Committee

There is a draft PSC document at http://fdo.osgeo.org/psc.html.
Apparently the PSC has not been officially formed yet, but from
following the mapguide-internals list they seem to operate as a
pseudo-PSC already, with motions and votes on the list once in a while,
etc. This will be sorted out soon I'm sure.

[GB] The PSC has been formed. Refer to

[GB] However, so far we have only had a single meeting. 

I followed the fdo-internals list for a little while and didn't get the
feeling that the FDO team is as open and active on the public list as
the mapguide team for instance. It could also just be a false impression
because it's a smaller group and there is less work and traffic
happening on that list... or maybe because until now I was just lurking
and not trying to make sense of the fdo-internals traffic? We'll see.

[GB] We have fewer users than MapGuide but an equal or greater number of
developers. We have 12+ Autodesk developers plus 3 external developers.
Most of the traffic we have experienced on the lists so far originates
from new FDO Provider development rather than user feedback. Also, I
notice that a proportion of FDO user questions and issues are sent to
the MapGuide users list. This is somewhat logical in that MapGuide is
currently the only open source project using FDO.

That's all I have for now.

Daniel Morissette
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