[fdo-internals] FDO Incubation Progress Reports

Robert Bray rbray at robertbray.net
Thu Mar 15 00:23:00 EDT 2007

We don't have any non-developer consumers of FDO on this PSC, so if 
Jason is volunteering then I'll be happy to nominate him. He has been a 
huge positive influence on the MapGuide PSC and a strong advocate of the 
MapGuide/FDO technology since day 1.


Jason Birch wrote:
> If the group can't come up with any other suggestions, I'd be happy to
> volunteer.
> I'm starting to use FDO pretty heavily through MapGuide, Haris' awesome
> work, and eventually possibly on its own.  I think it's important that
> the committee put in place some additional members, and that existing
> members are active on the mailing lists.  FDO has been essentially
> dormant from a community perspective for too long, and I feel that this
> is hurting the project, and possibly even turning off the developers who
> _have_ chosen to participate heavily in this area.  If FDO is run as a
> software product with too much command&control, then I have doubts about
> whether it will be able to achieve its full potential.
> I'd also like to see some community outreach by FDO folks.  In
> particular, some of the response to the initial Python support has been
> unfavourable, and the FDO project could definitely benefit by
> interacting with these community experts.
> http://www.jasonbirch.com/nodes/2007/03/14/67/pyfdo-is-in-the-house-yeah
> -baby/#comments
> http://zcologia.com/news/400/fdo-and-python/#comments
> Jason
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> If we vote Harris to the PSC then that would give us 6 PSC members. I
> believe it would be nice to have an odd number so that votes do not end
> in deadlock. Therefore I would suggest that we fill both open positions
> at the same time.
> Greg
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