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Thanks Greg,
It's quite possible that I misrepresented your intentions in that comment, and I apologize for that.  I also agree that it would be great to pick up additional developers.
I don't think that this kind of reaction will happen once the project's mojo is charged up and everything is communicated out front.  OTOH, I actually prefer straw-horse RFCs to having to help design new features from scratch...  Perhaps an informal request-for-ideas phase would be something to think about though.  
Hmm. I've wandered off topic again...


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Hi Jason,

I welcome all feedback community members have on the Python scripts. If there are developers that have concerns about the usage of SWIG to generate the python scripts then I encourage them to join the FDO community and work to make the implementation a better one. There is no mandate to use SWIG so I am sure the existing FDO community would be open to discussing other alternatives.


The python scripts were submitted using SWIG simply because Autodesk had the script generation process sitting in house from a pre-existing development effort and I figured it was a waste to have them just sitting there not being used when we had no python support in FDO at all. I felt it was better to throw it over the wall and have the community shoot at it rather than keeping it locked up. I think it is a useful mechanism to pull in other developers and get them interested in FDO. Basically, all I had to do was re-package the script generation process for open-source, integrate into the build process and submit. 


Once again, the submission is not intended to be a fait-accomplis or intended to circumvent community discussion. I encourage developers who are interested to join the community and work to make FDO better. As I see it, this would be a great opportunity to add a new developer to the community.



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	If the group can't come up with any other suggestions, I'd be happy to
	I'm starting to use FDO pretty heavily through MapGuide, Haris' awesome
	work, and eventually possibly on its own.  I think it's important that
	the committee put in place some additional members, and that existing
	members are active on the mailing lists.  FDO has been essentially
	dormant from a community perspective for too long, and I feel that this
	is hurting the project, and possibly even turning off the developers who
	_have_ chosen to participate heavily in this area.  If FDO is run as a
	software product with too much command&control, then I have doubts about
	whether it will be able to achieve its full potential.
	I'd also like to see some community outreach by FDO folks.  In
	particular, some of the response to the initial Python support has been
	unfavourable, and the FDO project could definitely benefit by
	interacting with these community experts.
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	If we vote Harris to the PSC then that would give us 6 PSC members. I
	believe it would be nice to have an odd number so that votes do not end
	in deadlock. Therefore I would suggest that we fill both open positions
	at the same time.
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