[fdo-internals] Build warnings - PostGIS and Boost...

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Sat Nov 10 12:28:47 EST 2007

In this case, both PostGIS and the static boost lib are being built at the same time for a specific Linux distribution. In what case would libraries built for one distribution such as RedHat 4, be distributed in another environment? All that being said, changing the build to use dynamic linking would be an easy change. If the community reaches an agreement that what we have is not sufficient, I can make any alterations that are required.


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So, it doesn't affect this install, but... is it something that could or should be changed so that "someone" could more easily package up FDO for various *nix?


From: Mateusz Loskot
Subject: Re: [fdo-internals] Build warnings - PostGIS and Boost...

IMO it can be safely ignored as you are building FDO yourself
and you will use it on your machine only.
This warning says there are some problems possible if you will use these
binaries on other machines ie. if you are preparing binary packages for
other users.
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