[fdo-internals] FDO KingOracle and KingMsSqlSpaial Files

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
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The PostGIS provider is being developed directly from the fdocore trunk.  Mateusz has been good about getting improvements checked in as quickly as they are tested.  He's just back from Canada (I missed him on IRC) and hopefully he will be able to respond to your other questions soon.  I don't know about the King providers. 
I'd really love to see all three of them participating in the standard build of FDO.  It will mean more testers, etc, etc.


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On a related note, are we treating the files in the FDO SVN as the latest and most recent/relevant copy of the King and PostGIS Providers, thus including them as candidates for the 3.3 build and release cycle? There has always been some confusion in my mind whether this was the case or not.



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Hi All,


I have taken a quick look at the files in the following OSGeo FDO SVN directories:





Not all source files contain the proper GNU LGPL comment blocks at the top of each file. If there is no objections, I will be updating the files with the appropriate comment block headers as required. Developers having source code modifications for these directories will have to merge any changes as required.



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