[fdo-internals] New RFC10 Is Posted

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Sep 5 22:27:04 EDT 2007

Maggie Yang wrote:
> Hi, All
> A new RFC (http://trac.osgeo.org/fdo/wiki/FDORfc10 ) has been posted. 
> The RFC addressed changes in WMS override API in order to support 
> additional parameters and bit depth variants.
> Please review the RFC. Any comments/suggestions and questions are 
> welcome. All feedback is expected by the end of Sep 14^th , 2007. If no 
> changes are required it is my intent to motion that a vote for the 
> acceptance of the RFC be made and subsequently voted on by the PSCs.


I'm wondering why the WMS provider is limited to the four listed formats.
I can see quite valid reasons why someone might want to get results back
in jpeg2000 format if that is supported by the wms server for instance.

Is GDAL being used to read the results within the WMS provider?

In general I agree with the image format being made more general, and I
have myself deployed wms servers in the past that offered multiple
variations of PNG or TIFF format for instance.

BTW, it isn't absolutely clear to me that we should require RFCs for
extensions to single providers.  This RFC doesn't change the FDO data
model or API in any way, right?   It is just a change in interfaces internal
to the WMS provider, and to the externally visible configuration document?

In my (not so humble) opinion a pure extension (not disruptive) change
like this could be made after notifying the fdo-internals list of the plan
rather than needing to go through the full RFC process.  Perhaps Greg or
others have an opinion on this?

For instance, I added bounds-in-config-xml support to the GDAL provider
without an RFC, though in that case there was the model of the ATIL based
provider to follow.

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