[fdo-internals] Where is the .net/C# wrapper for FDO on MS-Windows??

Charly Lebrun charly.lebrun at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 03:59:24 EDT 2008

Charly Lebrun a écrit :
> Hi !
> Thanks a lot for your replies...
> In fact we did try that, with the current version of Visual Studio 
> used for our application : VS 2003. IT did not work.
> After you pointed out that we were using the proper DLL, we tried in a 
> new version of Visual Studio and... yes, it's working with VS 2005 !
> So now we have to migrate our application, which is not that easy 
> (type changes, MFC's support, etc.)
> Thanks again !
> Charly

Hello again,

Just wondering... Does anyone knows wether it is possible to rebuild FDO 
with VS 2003 ? I did not get into the source code yet... Just loaded the 

Thanks !!!

Have a nice day,


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