[fdo-internals] RE: PATCH : PostGIS provider patch 3.4

Chuck Wilbur chuckwilbur at spatialnet.net
Mon Apr 21 11:29:05 EDT 2008

Hi Bruno,

I've grabbed your binaries and plugged them into my test application (a small C++ app that simply uses direct calls into FDO to manipulate a data store). I've run into two problems so far:

I have some initial cleanup code that makes sure the test tables/classes have been cleared and deleted (I can report that defect 106 appears to be fixed because this works now). If the test class is not present when I start the testing, it gets created and I can successfully insert features. However, if the test class is present and has to be cleared, deleted, and then recreated (I stepped through the code and checked the database and confirmed that all these steps are happening), the subsequent insertions fail with an exception at FdoIInsert::Execute. Perhaps this is related to the insert failure in a table with an srid that I just read about.
Unhandled exception at 0x0845fcc0 in TestSuite.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000.

I'm creating a class named testclassdata with a field named intfield with integer data (and other fields, including feature id and geometry). When I attempt to build a parameterized query against intfield (WHERE intField > $1) FDO throws an exception with the messages:
String does not represent a valid filter.
String incorrectly formatted.
I tracked these messages to FdoParse::ParseFilter in Parse.cpp, and they seem to indicate that fdo_filter_yyparse is failing, but since I'm working off compiled binaries I can't get much farther than that. It's not even clear to me from reviewing the code where fdo_filter_yyparse calls into the PostGIS provider (nearly identical testing code with "?" instead of "$1" works with Autodesk's Oracle provider, so I assume the PostGIS provider is at fault).

Testing code (paraphrased):
	FdoIConnection* m_connection; // code to set up and connect omitted
	FdoISelect* m_pSelectCmd;
		m_pSelectCmd = dynamic_cast<FdoISelect*>(
			m_connection->CreateCommand(FdoCommandType_Select) );
		m_pSelectCmd->SetFeatureClassName( L"testclassdata" );

		FdoPtr<FdoParameterValueCollection> params =
		FdoLiteralValue *value = FdoInt32Value::Create(10000);
		if ( params )
			FdoStringP paramName;
			paramName = FdoStringP::Format(L"$1");
			FdoPtr<FdoParameterValue> param = params->FindItem(paramName);
			if ( !param )
				param = FdoParameterValue::Create(paramName);
			m_pSelectCmd->SetFilter( L"intfield > $1" ); // Exception occurs here

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> Subject: [fdo-internals] PATCH : PostGIS provider patch 3.4
> This is a pretty big Patch I know.
> Many of the tickets were related in a way or another.
> It has became very hard to have lots a small patches
> The next patch will be : one ticket for one patch J
> Ticket fixed by this patch
> #94  Generate extent for features assigned to default spatial context
> #106 PostGIS provider cannot delete a feature class
> #171 Fdo Postgis Autogenated identity property is mandatory
> #178 PostGIS : Can't insert in a non-feature class
> #232 Fdo Postgis null and not null filter does not work
> #233 Fdo Postgis in and not in filter does not work
> #234 Fdo Postgis currently does not support anything but lowercase
> identifiers
> #235 Fdo Postgis Exception with insert
> #236 Fdo Postgis does not support non spatial classes
> #241 Implement Support for SelectAggregates, SpatialExtents and Count
> #310 PostGIS provider : change class naming convention without ~
> #311 PostGIS provider : mismatch between FdoGeometricTypes and
> FdoGeometryType
> #312 PostGIS provider : remove boost_date_time dll dependency
> #313 PostGIS provider : can't filter,insert or update date/datetime
> #314 PostGIS provider : check-out/check-in crashes Autodesk Map
> I have included binaries, it’s easier to test than recompiling everythingJ
> These binaries have been tested on Map 2009
> Patches and binaries for Branch\3.3 and for 3.2.3 will follow
> Bruno
> http://www.nabble.com/file/p16744011/PostGIS_trunk_patch.zip
> PostGIS_trunk_patch.zip 
> http://www.nabble.com/file/p16744011/PostGIS_trunk_binaries.zip
> PostGIS_trunk_binaries.zip 
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