[fdo-internals] Standardising FDO Schema's

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Fri Aug 29 11:05:05 EDT 2008

Orest Halustchak wrote:
> [...]
> The above is a logical schema. How could that be mapped to physical
> schema? The discussion started with Oracle. Let's say I have an
> Oracle instance called ORCL. The main physical grouping mechanism
> that Oracle has is an Oracle Owner. So, one mapping is that the FDO
> Data Store maps to Oracle Owner, then FDO Schema.Class maps to table.
> That keeps the integrated set of data within a single Oracle owner.
> Another mapping is to map FDO schema to Oracle Owner, i.e. define
> Oracle owners LANDUSE, TRANSPORTATION, etc. But, then how do we
> separate CityOfDenver parcels from CityOfBoulder parcels? I could
> have DENVER_LANDUSE, BOULDER_LANDUSE, etc. There is a third mapping
> possible, and that's to use a separate Oracle instance for each data
> store, but users may not want to set up separate physical instances
> for this purpose, especially if they have a large number of data
> stores.


Thanks for the very in-depth explanation of schema naming issues.

But we still need a consistent way to define and describe all
possibilities of mapping and naming paths in text.
As Zac proves, using only separators (like ::, ~, etc.) is insufficient.

I think more self-describing approach is needed, perhaps we would use
XML or JSON for naming schemas?

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