[fdo-internals] FDO Incubation update

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Jan 14 17:22:38 EST 2008

Greg Boone wrote:
> 5- The Source code provenance review is at:
>     http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/FDO_Provenance_Review
>     I did several spot checks and everything seems fine.
>     I only have a few questions about test datasets:
>     5a- Providers/GDAL/TestData/pci_eg ... should there be a README.TXT
>         explaining provenance and license/redistribution terms?

Greg / Daniel,

I have added a README.TXT in this file reading:

The files included here were published by PCI as demo/sample data for
the GeoTIFF file format with the intention that they be usable for any
purpose (by me - Frank Warmerdam while an employee there).

They should be considered "public domain".

I have updated the Provenance Review doc appropriately.

I'll fill out the new contributor agreement and send it in.  I do think it
is desirable to have this aspect all "signed off" before a motion to
graduate incubation.

 >    What we may be missing from this list:
 >    - All contributors need to agree to project's license policy
 >      (sign contributor agreements)

Right, signing the contributor agreement addresses this point.

 >    - Is there an automated build or smoke test system? That should not
 >      be a blocker in my opinion, but http://buildbot.osgeo.org/ lists
 >      FDO as offline, what does that mean?
 > [GregBoone] Yes, there is an automated build/smoke test system in place, but 
it is an internal process maintained by several developers in Ottawa/Toronto. 
No buildbot mechanism exists at this time. OpenSource builds are generally run 
weekly. We could put this on our plate as a deliverable once the 3.3.0 build is 

There is already an FDO buildbot instance on buildbot.osgeo.org, created by
Mateusz, but it has fallen into disrepair.  I would suggest we get this
working as Mateusz has time rather than do something completely different.
I don't see this blocking graduation.

Best regards,
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