[fdo-internals] Motion for FDO to graduate incubation

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Fri Jan 25 15:48:12 EST 2008


As FDO incubation mentor I believe the project has met all the 
incubation requirements and I am happy to raise the following motion:

   I move that the Incubation Committee recommend FDO to the OSGeo board
   for graduation from incubation with Greg Boone as project liason
   to the board.

Please review the project incubation status and vote within the next 
week so that we the motion (if it passes) can make next board meeting 
which is expected for either Feb 1st or 8th.

I start with my +1 vote.

More info on FDO's incubation status:

1- The FDO Incubation Status page is at the following URL and is up to date:

2- FDO as established a PSC which has been operating smoothly since the 
fall using the following PSC guidelines:

3- More developer/contributor info is available here:

4- The Source code provenance review is at:

    I did several spot checks and everything seems fine.

5- FDO has a contributor agreement but it has not been signed by all 
contributors yet. However a note has been sent by Greg Boone, the PSC 
chair, to the fdo-internal list stating that committers who do not 
submit a contributor agreement by the graduation date will have their 
commit rights suspended until they complete the form, so I believe that 
addresses the issue and is not a blocker for graduation.

That's it!

Daniel Morissette

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