[fdo-internals] Re: [Incubator] Motion for FDO to graduate incubation

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Mon Jan 28 13:06:57 EST 2008

Hi All,

The FDO incubation page is (http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/FDO_Incubation_Status) is currently in the process of being updated with the requested information.



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Jeroen Ticheler wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> Going through the incubation page of FDO I notice that there are very
> few links to related pages (Web presence, SVN, bug tracker, project
> stats etc..). It would be good to see those pages linked here for quick
> reference.

FDO uses OSGeo infrastructure for everything, so the locations are well
known and can easily be derived:

Web presence:


Bug tracker:

Project stats (like most OSGeo projects it's on ohloh.net):

I'll ask Greg to add this info to the Incubation Status Page.

> I feel a the same about the "Yes" statements. A little more background
> would be useful so people do not have to browse through heaps of
> information themselves to extract that background.
> For instance the "Have issues raised in the provenance review been
> adequately addressed?". It states "Yes" but there's no single indication
> what issues were resolved if any, and how they were resolved.

I'll ask for clarifications to be added.

> It would be nice to see where PSC members work. GRASS did that and I
> took that to heart myself as well for the GeoNetwork incubation process.

Will ask for this as well.

Daniel Morissette
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