[mapguide-internals] [fdo-internals] build script confusion RFC62???

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Fri Apr 17 10:12:06 EDT 2009

Cmake is still an open idea and the RFC is still pending. Now that 3.4 is out, we can start discussing it again if you wish.


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On Sexta-feira 17 de abril 2009 09:41:18 Greg Boone wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have to follow-up on Jason's statement that any significant change in the
> FDO build/install needs an RFC so that we can asses impact and plan
> accordingly. I also re-iterate Trevor's statement that there is a clear
> separation between build and install directory structures. It seems that
> MapGuide is using a variant of the current FDO install structure. I think
> we could come to some agreement on the install structure, but changes to
> the build structure would require much more consideration.
> Greg

If mg go down this road in near future, can i mumble about Cmake something 
again ? :-)

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