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Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
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If these is an cement request, you should write up an RFC.


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Subject: [fdo-trac] #516: FDO Core enhancment: support standard ORDER BY expressions

#516: FDO Core enhancment: support standard ORDER BY expressions
   Reporter:  mwtoews      |       Owner:  gregboone
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 Searching through the fdo-user's list, I found some discussion and ticket-
 worthy material on the topic of ordering data from the core API:

 The primary importance for me is the drawing order of stacked features. At
 present, in AutoCAD Map3D we have no control how overlapping polygons are
 drawn. One workaround is to create a database view on the server-side that
 is linked to FDO/CAD, and the other is to break a single feature layer
 into several layers to get the stacking correct. The preferred method
 would be to use a single ordered feature class that is sored by (e.g.)
 date, status, area, or some other feature attribute.

 From a low-level perspective, it appears this is supported by some
 providers using customized commands. This enhancement is aimed to bring
 soring of data on 1 or more attribute columns to FDO Core, so it can be
 supported by data providers.

 See also, a similar "ORDER BY" enhancement request for QGIS:

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