[fdo-internals] RE: Sandbox Commit Rights for Alex Sun

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Wed Aug 12 12:32:22 EDT 2009

Now that we have a way of controlling access to the sandbox, I'd like to see us adopt a policy similar to MapGuide.

  - any PSC member can approve the creation of a new sandbox, just has to send email to list and update sandbox wiki
  - anyone can be given access to the sandbox
  - changes in the sandbox need to go through standard code review and/or RFC process before being merged into trunk

MapGuide sandbox wiki:


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Hi All,

Alex Sun, a developer with Autodesk in Shanghai, has asked that he be provided commit rights to the FDO SVN for sandbox work on RFC 37: Detailed Exception.


I plan to set up the following sandbox for this work


If there is any objections to granting his commit rights for the sandbox, please let me know. Once his track record has been established, he can request full access to the trunk and all SVN folders.

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