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Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Sat Feb 14 18:26:50 EST 2009

You can have FDO on the server side (backing an Apache REST mod) and an FDO provider for REST that can consume the RESTful data server by the server.

Then, the only question I have is what happens if you put the REST FDO provider in the backend, behind the Apache mod, and connect it to the front end of said mod. Does the Apache server disappear in a cloud of recursive smoke? :)


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> Bob wrote:
> > I don't want to see FDO dependencies in the web-tier for example,
> that
> > would be  a serious implementation problem IMO.
> I agree that the version of this module that is distributed with the
> MapGuide web tier should not have a direct dependency on FDO; access
> should through the feature service.  However, I also want to keep this
> code as flexible as possible.
> For instance, I would eventually like to see a version that doesn't
> require a full MapGuide webserverextensions install for a light-weight
> IIS/Apache module (or maybe something lighter) on a dedicated REST
> server.
> I would also eventually like to see a version that allows direct
> RESTful access to HTTP and FDO data sources without the complexity and
> management overhead of a full MapGuide Server install.  Something
> similar to FeatureServer.org.  This would enable quick-win data serving
> for organisations that just want to use something like a Google Maps
> front end.
> Jason
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