[fdo-internals] SQLite Provider issue

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at kde.org
Thu Jun 4 13:30:43 EDT 2009

Em Quinta-feira 04 de junho 2009, às 14:16:45, Jason Birch escreveu:
> By binary compatibility, do you mean that the compiled 3rd party dll
> wouldn't be readable by the SDF provider, or that generated SDF files
> wouldn't be readable by older SDF providers?
> Would there be any way for 3.5 to standardise on a single (modified) SQLite
> library shared between both SDF and the SQLite provider?  That would at
> least get us down to one non-vanilla SQLite dependency.
> Jason

As a quick look i did here, SQLiteInterface can be compiled using the modified 
SQLite Provider included.
So would be ok if we push the Provider ones in ThirdParty, modify it to use a 
different library name, for example SQLiteFDO and even install in system if we 
decide to use shared.
This allows to always be sure we're using the FDO SQLite version. Is a thing 
that mapguide can do in future release with their modified GD


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