[fdo-internals] TIcket 471: ArcSDE Long Text Fields.. testing patch

Chris Erickson chris at cartopac.com
Mon Mar 9 13:47:04 EDT 2009

I've completed a round of testing with the attached (updated) version of the patch:

SDE / SQL Server (9.2, 2008)

SQL String Type:		Registered As Versioned (ArcCatalog):	Read/Updated/Inserted Correctly:
text							x							x
ntext							x							x
varchar(4000) 					x							x
varchar(max) 					/(Unsupported)				(Data Corruption)
nvarchar(4000) 					x							x
nvarchar(max) 					/(Unsupported) 				(Data Corruption)

Apparently the ArcSDE SDK doesn't work well with varchar(max)/nvarchar(max) fields...

I've also tested against ArcSDE 9.2/Oracle 10g (unknown field type) and can update records, but inserting I'm getting a "Illegal Variable Name/Number" error from Oracle.
Originally, this was thought to be a side-effect of having a field name of 'Text' and this being a reserved word, so I re-created with a  field name of "MEMO_FIELD", and it still fails (insert only...)
I don't have a clue on the cause of this right now.

chris erickson
chris at cartopac.com
970.493.9500 x 191
970.482.1485 (fax)

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