[fdo-internals] Hosting FDO 3.5 builds / Binaries for CentOS and Ubuntu

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Fri Feb 5 11:24:04 EST 2010

Hi Trevor,

I think I can speak for the PSC and state that this would be a great idea. Are you looking to publish both Windows and Linux builds?


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Hi list,

I am a member of the MapGuide Open Source PSC and responsible for the build infrastructure for MGOS.  We are currently looking at revamping the build infrastructure for the MapGuide 2.2 release.  Since MapGuide depends closely on FDO, we may be able to make better use of the build VMs by using them to build FDO as well.

Since I am already hosting the MapGuide builds, hosting the FDO builds on the same VMs would not cost me (or the FDO project) anything.  Regular FDO builds (nightly/weekly) can be accommodated.  Builds intended for general community use would have to be posted to the OSGeo download site since I do not have unlimited bandwidth.

Moving the FDO builds to community managed infrastructure may provide faster turnaround on FDO releases and get the FDO community more involved in the project.

In addition to the builds, I was unable to find any build scripts in the FDO repository for creating CentOS rpms or Ubuntu debs.  I am currently investigating binary packaging for FDO and will be able to contribute deb and rpm creation scripts to the project if they do not already exist.

Does this sound like an endeavour that the FDO PSC would like to pursue?

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