[fdo-internals] Where to get up to date FDO libs

UV uvwild at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 1 12:57:35 EDT 2010


after a few months of break (new job) I am trying to rebuild my feature 
branch again for rfc90.

I made the "mistake" to merge in the recent changes from trunk and are 
getting stuck now with my "old" FDO libs:
Looks like a lot of API changes an the new FDO trunk.
e.g. FdoIDisposable::EnableObjectThreadLocking(bool)"

Is there any way to get some trunk FDO SDK for win32 without building 
all of FDO myself from trunk again?
Like a build server link or something?

I remember this was a quite time consuming step and it would throw me 
right back
as the time I have to finish this off in my spare time is very limited.

An email with the .lib files attached would already be very helpful!

Thanks for any support.

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