[fdo-internals] FDO 3.7.0 (trunk) Build Changes

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Sat Apr 2 00:40:28 EDT 2011

Just a note to those developers that build FDO from source on Windows platforms.

A typical workflow in the past has been:

- Open windows command prompt

- Call setenvironment.bat

- Run devenv.exe and load a .sln file or directly call build.bat (with build options)

For FDO 3.7.0 (Trunk), the parameters to the setenvironment.bat script have been changed to allow FDO to be officially built using the VS 2010 .sln files and their associated .vcxproj files.  This is how FDO will be built and posted to download.osgeo.org going forward.

In order to setup your build environment correctly, you should now call setenvironment.bat in the following manner:

setenvironment [option] [VC Option]

     where [option] is: x86 ^| x64 ^| ia64 ^| amd64 ^| x86_amd64 ^| x86_ia64 ^| VC10

     where [VC Option] can be: VC10

For example:

setenvironment x64 VC10            -- Prepare to build 64bit FDO using the new VS2010 sln files

setenvironment VC10                    -- Prepare to build 32bit FDO using the new VS2010 sln files

setenvironment x64                       -- Prepare to build 64bit FDO using the old VS2008 sln files

setenvironment                               -- Prepare to build 32bit FDO using the old VS2008 sln files

For those building using VS 2010, and running build.bat from the command line, note that the msbuild output has changed from 2008 to 2010. You will now notice a more verbose output.

Another note I wanted to make. In the 2010 project files, we are preparing to support use of FDO by clients building with the v100 runtime. To that effect all FDO unmanaged projects will remain on v90, and the API scrubbed to allow cross-runtime invocation of the FDO API. Managed projects have been moved to use v100 and .Net 4.0. There is still some debate if .Net 4.0 is the correct managed runtime to use with the upcoming changes being made in clients such as MapGuide. We may revert to use .Net 3.5 if system testing with our client implementations determine that .Net 4.0 is unusable. If developers add new components to the FDO repository, please try and develop your new components in a similar manner, especially the cross runtime invocation of all FDO unmanaged APIs.



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