[fdo-internals] Patch for FDOCommonFile.cpp issue

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Mon Jan 18 14:30:46 PST 2016

Looks good.


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Hi all

During my investigations for problems of failing SHP unit tests I found an issue which came up after the use of VS 2015.
Several SHP unit tests are failing now, because CPG file will not be deleted during the clean-up.
So I was debugging it down to the method GetAllFiles (Utilities\Common\Src\FdoCommonFile.cpp).
This method returns all files, except with size 0. I guess this is to exclude subfolders/parentfolder, which is working correct.
But the CPG files also have a size of 0 KB. It must be different in previous versions, because the unit tests were running successfully.
So the files will not be returned and therefore not instantiated for cleanup.
I would to fix it with the attached patch, that only subdirs will not be included in the list of files. But all other files , even with size 0. I guess it makes more sense and would match the name of the method.

As this is not critical and impacts only the unit tests, I would wait with the submission after the branch, so that we have more time for testing.

Best regards

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