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Sorry to bother you guys again. Is the FDO for mysql in the open source?

Anant Misra <dowereallyneedanid at> wrote:    Hi All, 
  I am sure a lot of people have already asked this question. 
  There seems to be a lot of confusion in the open source area. Documentations do not clearly demarkate what is in open source and what is not. 
  I am evaluating Map Guide to implement some map based systems. I have successfully installed the Map Guide Open source server and I can see a sample PHP application running as well. 
  What next?
  Can I connect to a relational database now? 
  There seems to be some ODBC connectivity, but I am not sure how to move forward. 
  1. I need to know how to connect to a sql server database
  2. put a sample database into ms sql
  3. make a sample application consume data from ms sql. 
  4. write custom application that can connect to database.
  I need to understand if 1,2,3 are possible out of box today. Also, what are the tools, testing frameworks etc to code, debug and run the application. 
  If for 1, 2, 3 I need to write code, I can write it. But need the basic understanding of what all I need to have in order to jump start with coding on these fronts. 
  Need help. Thanks. 
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