[fdo-users] build_linux errors

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Wed Dec 12 11:03:16 EST 2007

Just to clarify...

1) You have extracted all the FDO source code from the fdocore and various provider svn repositories?
2) You executed 'source ./setenvironment.sh' without issue?
3) You executed ./build_thirdparty.sh without issue?
4) Running build_linux.sh built the FDO API binaries first?


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Jack Lee wrote:

> FdoMessage.h is a generated file and it doesn't seem to be generated.
> Did you get any other errors?

With build_linux.sh I just get the same error for every package.

FdoMessage.h is definitely not present on my system. I assume it should have been generated by build_thirdparty.sh, but if I grep through the log of the script, there's no mention of FdoMessage anywhere.

I'm not seeing any glaring errors in build_thirdparty either.


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