[fdo-users] FDO 3.2 SHP insertion issue with Mapguide 6.5

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Mon Feb 26 09:55:02 EST 2007

Adding the MapGuide user community...

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Subject: [fdo-users] FDO 3.2 SHP insertion issue with Mapguide 6.5

Hi Dan and everyone, I'm sorry to bother you once again but I'm in a desperate need of solution about this issue

When I add a feature object to my feature class using FDO 3.2 I can read it again with FDO or ArcView, but Mapguide Viewer and Author 6.5 won't detect it. There might actually be an issue with the index as when I delete features (thus recompressing and reindexing the file), my new fetures will then appear.

You said you were able to see it in MAP, I guess you were talking about 2007
Could you or anyone else try to have a look at why Map 6.5 can't detect it ? I mean even if I have to do whatever binary operation to make it work, I have to correct this for the end of the week, that's my final deadline. 
If I can't make it I simply can't release my work.

Thank you

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We are in Ottawa, Canada.

Your SHP files look good in MAP. I can see the extra geometry added, with no attributes.

"was there any other way of performing this task?"
Nothing I can think of. In general, you cannot alter the schema of a class which contain data.


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Where are you guys working, by the way ? 
My french contact at Autodesk has an email address
that finishes by @eur.autodesk.com and you don't :)

Back to my insertion issue, you'll find two files
attached to this mail :
- shp_1.zip contains one featureclass that I have
imported from the french ministry for agriculture and
recreated so that I've been able to add a column to
create the link with my data (I have not found how to
alter a feature class that already contains data so I
decided to write a piece of code to duplicate a
structure, was there any other way of performing this
task ?)
- shp_2.zip contains the same file with one additional
feature (the last one). I've inserted this feature
using IInsert and specifying only two properties, the
geometric property and the key link to my database,
"ID_EXP" (do I have to explicitely set all other
columns to an empty value ?)

If you find something that would be very nice


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