[fdo-users] SHP modifications issue

Dan Stoica dan.stoica at autodesk.com
Wed Jan 24 09:25:41 EST 2007

1) I'll drop this change, maybe today.

2) place a breakpoint in ShpConnection::~ShpConnection (void):

    // Do files compression (get rid of the deleted rows)

When your connection is released: 
a) the desctuctor should be called
b) CompressFileSets() should find mGlobalRefCount == 1.


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1) Ok I'll change this right after writing this mail
and I'll give it a go. Will you commit this correction
or do I have to keep in mind that I might have to
change this each time a new FDO version is released ?

2) still hoping :)

I think I really need to have a closer look at the FDO
internal, I can read C++ code but the thing is of
course that I don't know where to start :)

thank you again

--- Dan Stoica <dan.stoica at autodesk.com> a écrit :

> 1) have a look at:
> /providers/SHP/src/ShpRead/DataRow.cpp line #75:
>     else if (cVALID_RECORD_ID != ((char*)buffer)[0])
>         SetDeleted (true);
> I have no problem changing it to:
>     else if (cDELETED_RECORD_ID ==
> ((char*)buffer)[0])
>         SetDeleted (true);
> 2) Good luck :-)
> Dan.


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