[fdo-users] Defining SpatialContext - how and when?

Gavin Cramer gavin.cramer at autodesk.com
Sat Jul 7 09:14:10 EDT 2007

Hello, Maksim.  The "active" spatial context is a bit of a stale idea,
and might become deprecated.  Any provider that currently cares about it
actually sets it internally, based on the relevant geometric property's
spatial context association.

The association can be set when creating a schema definition via
FdoGeometricPropertyDefinition:: SetSpatialContextAssociation().


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Autodesk Map 3D 2007 / MS SQL Server 2005

I have problems inserting a new GeometryValue due to the "Default"
SpatialContext settings. "Default" SpatialContext has an envelope
ranging from -2000000,-2000000 to 2000000,2000000, while my geometry
way beyond default settings. Due to that fact, I keep receiving
error: "Error creating spatial context (null) (SRID=486518961), the WKT
provided does not match the catalog."

I tried to update Extents value on "Default" spatial context using
CreateSpatialContext command but it's not working (well, at least
changes in dbo.f_spatialcontextgroup table). Then I resorted to creating
new SC.

Now, I managed to create a new SpatialContext (named "MGI") with
WKB string, proper extents settings, etc. Alas, I can not activate it
ActivateSpatialContext command does not affect present spatial contexts
within DataStore - ISpatialContextReader always returns IsActive = False
every SC present.

I think I'm doing something wrong here, just can't figure out exactly
what... :-) At what moment do I need to create custom SpatialContext
or after creating feature schema?), and how do I apply newly established
on present schema? How do I "force" my newly inserted geometric values
"conformant" to present SC? 

Maksim Sestic

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