[fdo-users] Help with compiling and deploying providers on windows

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Fri Mar 16 19:49:35 EDT 2007

'The feature source is invalid. Reason: An exception occurred in FDO
component. Unable to load the FDO provider: The specified procedure
could not be found.'

I believe that this is because the current trunk of FDO is not
compatible with MapGuide Open Source.  The current released version of
MapGuide Open Source only works with FDO 3.2.0 (and maybe some slightly
later builds, but binary compatibility was broken at some point).

The next version of MapGuide Open Source (betas starting in early April)
will be using FDO 3.2.2.  This is still not FDO trunk, which I believe
is the foundation for 3.3.x 

That said, I can't find the tag for 3.2.2, so maybe I have everything
wrong. :)


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