[fdo-users] MySQL provider dlls used with Autodesk Map 2007

George McLean gmclean at gorge.net
Tue Mar 20 20:40:48 EDT 2007

I have recompiled the MySQL provider under the fdordbms project using an 
updated version of fetch.c from 

After compiling, I copied MySQLProvider.dll and MySQLOverrides.dll to 
Server\Bin\FDO under the MapGuide installation.

This seems to have fixed the problem I was having with string buffers in 
datareaders with multiple records using MGOS and MySQL (Thanks Dan!).

I would like to use this updated code for a .NET application in Map 2007 
as well. When I look in the FDO\Bin folder under Map 2007 I only see 
MySQLOverrides.dll. Do I only need to copy this file to use the updated 
code or are there other dlls I need to update (FdoMySql.dll maybe?).


George McLean

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