[fdo-users] Creating feature class with postgis provider

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Nov 13 13:04:14 EST 2007

Or maybe ApplySchema wasn't high on my list of things to implement in
the first cut of the PostGIS provider :)  Not sure if it was
under-specified, or under-tested.  If you're experiencing errors, please
check for existing tickets in Trac and enter a new one if it doesn't
already exist.  Guidelines for this are available here:


The source for the PostGIS provider is available in the main SVN trunk
for FDO.  It doesn't have a 3.2.x repository, but last time I tried it
worked fine when grafted into a 3.2.x checkout and compiled manually.


I would love to see better test coverage for PostGIS.  Eventually, the
samples that Mateusz has been working on along the way will make it into
the repository, but we still need better tests.


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From: Bruno Scott
Subject: [fdo-users] Creating feature class with postgis provider

But the postgis provider keep throwing exceptions.
I bet we are doing something wrong :)

Is there a place where we can get the PostGis provider sources?

We have found a lot of interesting stuf fin the SHP unittest directory,
I guess we could fing the same kind of stuff in the PostGis unittest

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