[fdo-users] RE: [mapguide-users] WMS-client

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Fri Nov 23 11:29:25 EST 2007

I'm not sure how this stuff works...

Maybe someone in the FDO list knows?


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From: mates
Subject: RE: [mapguide-users] WMS-client

Thanks for your advice janson, but there is one more problem..

I used this example http://tinyurl.com/2aee8l

But error is occuring

An exception occurred in FDO component.Physical schema mapping 'Itasca_Demo'
was not found. 

 I found that there´s a definition


But i don't know what should be there instead of itasca demo in my case.

Can you help me please ?

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