[fdo-users] RE: Unable to test PostGis provider

Maciej Skorczewski maciej.skorczewski at procad.pl
Tue Sep 11 06:20:59 EDT 2007

Hi Jason !

I use postgis on my develop machine...it works fine...but after move 
aplication to serwer i can't connect to Postgis by PostGis provider - 
can't see any  any editable connection properties.
and get error: "Failed to load connection control for provider. Either 
the provider is not installed, or there was an error accessing it"

So what is wrong whit this...Postgis provider i better as Ogr...i can 
make more things whit this...but when i need it it don't work. :(

ps. i try copy FDO frolder from develop machine to server but still nothing.

I use MG 1.2 Beta
OS: XP+ apache+php

Jason Birch pisze:
 > Hi,
 > Great to hear you are trying out the PostGIS provider.


Maciej Skórczewski

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