[fdo-users] RE: Unable to test PostGis provider

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Sat Sep 8 17:48:38 EDT 2007

Great to hear you are trying out the PostGIS provider.
I recall libeay32.dll giving other users problems as well at the GeoTec lab earlier this year.  Maybe even Bob ran into this one?  We almost needs to run depends as part of the setup process :(
I described the parameters in this post:
http://www.nabble.com/PostGIS-provider-alpha-tf3650028s18162.html <http://www.nabble.com/PostGIS-provider-alpha-tf3650028s18162.html> 
Service is a connection string in the format database at host:port <mailto:database at host:port> , where the
@host and :port parts are optional if your database is on localhost or on the
default port (5432) respectively
DataStore is the schema your data is stored in.  The default in PostgreSQL is
to stuff everything into "public", but it's much saner to store your data in a
different schema.  If you store it in public, the PostGIS schema comes along
for the ride when you do backups and restores, and this makes PostGIS and
PostgreSQL upgrades incredibly painful.  If you do put it in a different schema,
make sure you are backing up the geometry_columns table from the public
schema separately.  You can rebuild this by hand, but it's easier if you have a
copy you can restore.

Anyway, for your scenario you should be able to use:
Service:  ETC at Bill-2k <mailto:ETC at Bill-2k> 
DataStore: public
Please be careful with case though, there's a known issue with table/column names in anything
but lowercase with some of the PostGIS queries we are using for best spatial query performance.
You may want to obtain an unofficial, but relatively current build of the provider from here:
http://www.jasonbirch.com/fdopostgis/fdopostgis_alpha.zip <http://www.jasonbirch.com/fdopostgis/fdopostgis_alpha.zip> 
This adds some functionality to allow easier theme creation in MapGuide (using the tools
in Studio) and fixes a couple problems with geometry handling.
Good luck, and please let us know how it goes!


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I have worked through this; issue was similar again to Bruno's - missing
dwmapi.dll, and I had an incompatible version of libeay32.dll. Dialogs are
now working in both Map 2008 and MGE 2008.

I cannot for the life of me figure out the connection requirements;
specifically Service and DataStore. PostGIS is on another machine, and when
I connect via pgAdmin III

Username: ETC
Hostname: Bill-2k
Password: etc
Port: 5432
DB is ETC and Schema is Public

Would someone who has successfully connected post the parameters? Sorry to
be a dunce.

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