[fdo-users] New FDO Provider and using it in Map 3D

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Tue Sep 11 18:52:02 EDT 2007

Thanks Robert! This will help the community at large.


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Hi Piet!

You could have expected the Map FDO Data Connect Dialog to look for the
properties IsPropertyFileName or IsPropertyFilePath from the
IPropertyDictionary interface to figure out if a connection property is
a file or a path and, base on that, show proper control to select either
a file or a path.  But it is not the case!  The default dialog that you
see doesn't make use of those properties.  

BUT There is a solution to your problem: define a custom connection
control specific to your provider that would show into the Data connect
dialog.  It is documented in the document help/sdk.dev.net.gis.chm under
Map install path.  Look for Data Connect and follow the instructions.

To help you get started, I have attached a sample that work with the SDF
provider renamed to OSGeo.MYSDF.3.2.  Just update the reference to the
FDO, Autodesk and Map dlls and build it.  Then put the dll under
<Map>/Plugins/DataConnect. Edit the providers.xml file and change or
create a copy of the SDF info and change the name to

After that, when you start Map, a special UI will let you pick the name
of an SDF file by selecting the MYSDF provider. 

Hope it helps.


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I have just created a new FDO Provider (supporting Nen1878) and
struggling with 2 items:

1) the icon in the 'data connect'-dialog indicates a database, yet the
GetProviderDatastoreType returns FdoProviderDatastoreType_File
1a) what do I need to implement to get the browse for file and browse
for directory buttons?

2) The Geometry column shows a 0 (zero) for Geometric Types, albeit I
return a 'FdoGeometryType_Point' primitive in CreateCachedGeometry
(called by 'virtual FdoByteArray* GetGeometry (FdoString* identifier)')

FdoGeometryType fdoGeomType  = FdoGeometryType_Point;
FdoInt32        dimensionality = FdoDimensionality_XY;
FdoInt32        numPointOrds = 2; // Always 2. (No Z or M)
FdoInt32        numPositions = 1;


fgfByteArray = FdoByteArray::Append(fgfByteArray, sizeof(fdoGeomType),
(FdoByte *) &fdoGeomType);

DoublePoint dp(0.,0.);

numBytesForOrdinates = numPointOrds * sizeof(double) * 1; fgfByteArray =
(FdoByte *) &dimensionality );
fgfByteArray = FdoByteArray::Append(fgfByteArray, numBytesForOrdinates,

(FdoByte *)&dp );

Q1: When is the Geometric Type set? During schema creation or when
passing the geometry (I think the latter)

Thanks up front
// Piet
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